March Pulse Updates - v2.3

:computer: App Updates

  • Native android app launched: get it on the play store.
  • Notifications show how much parameter has changed over the past hour to provide some context.
  • 24 vs 12 hour time selection in app. Horray for our 24-hour time friends.
  • Indication when app pulls new data. There’s a little blue spinner in the top menu now.
  • Better handling of auth. If you try to view a device that doesn’t belong to you, the app logs you our rather than loading forever.
  • Interface for selecting VPD offset simplified. Thanks for the feedback @zipphreak.

:iphone: Native App Updates

  • Native app deeplinking improvements (still in beta).
  • Push notifications for native apps (still in beta).

:open_book: Other Updates

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Devices used to show up as disconnected (grey status bar) if the most recent alert was a disconnect.
  • Only send the post-purchase email when it makes sense.

:date: Coming Soon

  • Selection of different time formats (dd-mm-yy vs mm-dd-yy, etc).
  • Better connection stability for devices on AC power.
  • Battery life improvements.
  • Native iOS app