Looking for Feedback on Pulse

Hey all, this is Pete, the one of the co-founders here at Pulse - you might’ve gotten emails from me or talked to me on the support line. Looking forward to hearing your feedback on how we can improve!

Feel free to kick off a new thread with feedback. I’m locking this one.

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Please put a hole on the top for a carabiner or something to hang it by. They are difficult to mount with only the nail hole in the back. The device is great but this drawback is kind of annoying.


Welcome to the forums Shonuff!

Yeah, that’s definitely a good point. We’re working on some additional mounting options. How’d you end up hanging / mounting it?

I put velcro straps around it and have it hanging with a ratchet hanger. I’m gonna have to find a better way because it’s a little wonky. The device and software work great though :+1:


Have you tried just hanging it off the cord, upside down? Another (if you’re using a grow tent), is a magnet hook on both sides.

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I have mine draping from the cord. This seems to work fine! Of course more mounting options are always great. No complaints on my end!


I hang it by the cord upside down in approx center of room away from direct light. You could use any available method to hang it from, perhaps a screw and ziptie would suffice. Since everyone has different needs with hanging it may not be easy to have a “one size fits all” solution for Pulse.

I have feedback, but I don’t like the structure of the forums currently.
I’m not going to add to this post, this post is about hanging, should start a new thread
for each unique feedback…

I just made a general topic to get some stuff moving on the forums, feel free to make new posts.

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Ok, whatever, guess we’ll just dump it all in one chaotic thread for now.

I notice that I have to refresh the app to get the latest data. I find this to be
seriously lacking and miles away from what I was expecting from the product.
I’ve scoured all current info I could find on the product and the only “hint” that
one will not be getting “real-time” data, is if one notices the refresh button in
the screen shots! The button is not for convenience, it’s the most functional
button in the entire app. When you’re setup is dialed, this is not really an issue.
But, one gets this product to get dialed. When you first get the product and you’re
dialing in for the first week, that refresh button is gonna make a mark on your phone
screen… LoL

My VPD often gets stuck on 0.2 and I often have to refresh multiple times
to get the proper reading. Temp and humidity are fine during the glitch and
the refreshes, just the VPD algorithm gets confused for a bit…

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Is this on the dashboard or on the device page?

The dashboard is constantly up to date, getting refreshed every minute without any user interaction.

Sitting here staring at it currently to test… LoL

And, so it does…
The Dashboard Updates Automatically!

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When it gets stuck, it sticks on both, for a refresh or 2…

The chart updates but not the dashboard. I can see the last update that I did but not the present one until I refresh.

Not sure if I understand you correctly.

The dashboard automatically updates every minute. If you’re on the chart page (where you can see the chart, the numbers up top, all the settings below, etc) it only updates when you refresh that page. Maybe we can make it so that the chart page also updates automatically?

the dashboard only updates when refreshed. the numbers on the top. chart will refresh anytime I open the webpage.

Here is sample of what I was saying. first one is after refreshing the page, second was after turning on the computer first thing in the morning. The graph updated when I open the page this morning showing what went on durning the time frame since I last checked.

Temp RH Dew Point VPD Light
83.3°F 62.1% 69.0°F 1.9kPa 96%
(a few seconds ago)
this is 7:45 pm 8/11/2019

Temp RH Dew Point VPD Light
84.3°F 62.0% 69.8°F 2.0kPa 96%
(6 hours ago)
this is at 6:00am 8/12/2019 on a startup for the morning on the computer

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