Light Readings showing ~3% when no light - FIXED

There’s an issue with the firmware at the moment that’s causing light readings in some cases to report as 3%, give or take. We’re working to address this asap.

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So this has been traced to an update with our IoT infrastructure firmware. Still working on getting fixed, but definitely have a better handle on what’s going on!

Getting close to a fix, just testing things now to make sure that everything behaves more or less like before.

EDIT> if you’re coming from the email i just sent - here’s where you wanna go: App update 2.1

I’ve pushed a firmware fix out to devices. Let me know if you’re still seeing strange stuff with the device, light readings, or the LED.

Was showing 3%, now showing 0%. Thanks.

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Seems like we still get an intermittent measurement that’s not 0%. Working to address that.

Thanks for staying on top of this Pete!

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