Leaf off set

Why the total of the two different category settings rather than the mean? With the sum then subtracted I get -5. When I calculate the mean of both categories then subtract, I get -1

If i’m understanding correctly, I believe you want to use the mean of both categories, which is what the instructions for the leaf offset say.

Thank you! You answered my question.

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Hey peet hope this gets to u. So if taking 4-6 reads on plant then on non plant areas. My plant matter temps is 80 f and my non plant stuff (walls, wood blocks ,plastic pots ) is 75f that means my offset is +5f Does this mean my leaf surface temp is also +5f or is the offset and leaf surface temp an opposite type calculation where meaning it’s really -5f Cuz I always assumed using led lights that leaf surface temps usually less then ambient due to less radiant heat with less And also when I take leaf surface temp it’s cooler then ambient imo . So in a nut shell is pulse offset temp of -5f a leaf surface temp of -5f or +5f

Hi Justin, your leaf temperature offset would be +5. It depends on a lot of factors, perhaps your LED lights have a significant amount of infrared in their spectrum?

My light does have some IR is this the reason my leaf surface temp /offset is a +5f

This is possibly the reason, seems like you have a fair bit of IR which would increase surface temps.

One way to control leaf temps is by raising or lowering your light. So if your getting 80* in a 75* room tells me your light is either too close, or maybe your Rh is too low. .you can also lower leaf temps by dimming and playing with diff heights to get your target ppfd. IMO a 75* leaf temp is ideal and gives you nice growth rates. I use the smaller version of that light for veg and I def don’t get higher temps than ambient on my leaves running the room at 81-82* . I stay on my leaf temps like white on rice . Growing will get a whole lot easier once you master how to manage and maintain VPD . The pulse makes it eazzzyyyyy peeeeezyyyyy.

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I run that light about 12” above the canopy . Any less and my leaf temps drop too much. But always double check w an IR thermometer when adjusting your light. Failing to do so can lead to burning and other leaf issues if left unmanaged.

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