Leaf off set

Why the total of the two different category settings rather than the mean? With the sum then subtracted I get -5. When I calculate the mean of both categories then subtract, I get -1

If i’m understanding correctly, I believe you want to use the mean of both categories, which is what the instructions for the leaf offset say.

Thank you! You answered my question.

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Hey peet hope this gets to u. So if taking 4-6 reads on plant then on non plant areas. My plant matter temps is 80 f and my non plant stuff (walls, wood blocks ,plastic pots ) is 75f that means my offset is +5f Does this mean my leaf surface temp is also +5f or is the offset and leaf surface temp an opposite type calculation where meaning it’s really -5f Cuz I always assumed using led lights that leaf surface temps usually less then ambient due to less radiant heat with less And also when I take leaf surface temp it’s cooler then ambient imo . So in a nut shell is pulse offset temp of -5f a leaf surface temp of -5f or +5f

Hi Justin, your leaf temperature offset would be +5. It depends on a lot of factors, perhaps your LED lights have a significant amount of infrared in their spectrum?

My light does have some IR is this the reason my leaf surface temp /offset is a +5f

This is possibly the reason, seems like you have a fair bit of IR which would increase surface temps.