Key, for slang

First I have a question is there a key for slang, abbreviations, acronyms, etc,
To help translate conversations in the community?

I think there should be something to help with translation. Especially since there are members in the community from different countries, as well as being from different parts of the United States.
We all have different levels of knowledge,
and experience with growing Cannabis. Some of us are new to growing and some have been growing for years. Others maybe just new to the community, so being able to understand what a member is talking about. Especially when describing what’s going on with their grow. What the reading on there Pulse, tell them and how it helps with there grow. We were all invited to be members of the community, by our friends at Pulse.
To share our experiences, and help each other learn about growing cannabis. And while using a Pulse meter can make or break your grow. There is an astronomical of knowledge to be shared with one another.