Journal losing weeks that were already created

Just lost five weeks from my journal, any idea why this just happened?

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Hi @H8plow that might be a bug - looks like the journal isn’t loading old events like it should be. We’ll look into it and get it fixed soon!


Any update to this?

Hello! we are looking into the issue.

Update - I can’t even add/save an event to my journal now. Deleted cookies to the site and re-logged back in and the issue remains.

I’m not using my phone to make changes to my journal, I’m using my laptop and logging into your site. So when I make changes isn’t it directly on your server?

Is anyone else experiencing this?


Hi there, left a private message.

Please share your email with me via private messages. Everything seems to work fine on the accounts i have, so i’m gonna need a bit more data to resolve this.

I noticed yesterday that my journal entries that are over 1.5 months old are not visible to me.

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Hi there!

@matteius thank you for your feedback! We appreciate it.

@H8plow the issue should be fixed now and your missing data should also be fine. Please clear your cache to see the change.

Please let me know if you are still having trouble.

Awesome, thanks! I checked and it was back, really appreciate it.

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Everything appears to be working correctly except the current date tracker is stuck on 9/27/21 (the calendar box being yellow) and it is not updating as of 6:53 this morning 9/28.


This may be an issue caused by timezone differences , but we will need to check that some time soon.
I have not encountered this on my account though.

I will track this as a seperate issue, because a thorough look is needed.

I really appreciate that you took the time to report this.

Yea we aren’t able to update journal either. It opens folder but no text and no save. Have to close pulse app on laptop to get out of journal folder.

Hi there! Sorry to hear that you are having troubles.

I’d be happy to help, but i’m going to need a bit more details :slight_smile:

Could you DM me with some screenshots and steps so that i could reproduce and fix the issue ?

And what do you mean by no text and no save?

The journal is now auto deleting when you click on the task. Not good guys

Working for me now on cell - just issues with laptop
Dm sent- thx

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Hi there!

I haven’t seen this kinds of issue yet, but i’d be glad to investigate and try to restore your data here.

Could you clear me up a bit -on what you mean by click on the task ?

So you open the journal, see your entries for the month, open it - and gets deleted ? Or something else ?

Thank you.

Exactly, as soon as the notes open the info was deleted

Hi there, i’ve been checking this out pretty thoroughly once again.

It was fine from what i have seen, but i’d love to help.

Does this happen on any particular task for you? or just any task? (if it’s a particulart task - please, dm me with the info).

Are you having this issue of your computer or app? What is the system you are using ? Mac, windows ?

Also, if possible, could you dm me a screen recording of this happening ?

Thank you.

It happened on my laptop, windows 10. The info lost for that day was not a huge issue but rather an inconvenience and I just re-entered it back in.

What this online journal is showing me, is that the need for a traditional pen and paper journal is still much needed.

Hi @H8plow could it be you made the entries on a wrong month or year by accident? I’ll email you all of the manual journal entries you have made.