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Graph visualisation

When visiting the last 3h the graph should start at 16:22 (see the update schedule) but it started at 14:30 (or something close to this)
I tested it with web app, and there everything seems fine.

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Not seeing a way to start a new topic in IOS Beta - Feedbacks so here goes.

Testing Android - Enabled Notifications - When a notification is received and clicked ,it opens in the web app, not the new native app.

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Yep - the deeplinking thing is definitely on the list!

FYI … just logged on the app through LTE and only saw 2 seconds of “fetching user settings” and it connected!
First time I did this and it worked.

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Glad to hear things are working well

Still happening on iOS?

Native apps updated. Please update your installed version. The update deals with deep linking (seems like it’s not quite all the way there yet), and blinkup.

Hey iOS testers, would love it if you guys tested out the deep linking functionality. I’m seeing some bugs on my end, wondering what everyone else is seeing. A link to the app should open it (for example ) and take you to the correct page in the app.