Introducing the Pulse Hub

Back in November we asked what you, the growers, wanted to track in your grow.

The response we got was a resounding “everything”:

Community survey results, Nov. 2022

We listened, and are proud to announce that…

The Pulse Hub Is Here

Pulse Hub Base

Professional-grade environmental monitoring made easy.

Completely modular and customizable: monitor all of your critical parameters on one platform.

This is the tool you and your team need to consistently refine your cultivation operations: scaling output and yield while improving quality and consistency.

A kit for every garden.

Growing in rockwool, coco, soil, or DWC? Pulse Hub supports a versatile suite of industrial-grade sensors that provide you with the data needed to optimize growth conditions and give you a full understanding of every aspect of your grow.

Home grower or manage a facility? Pulse Hub easily expands to fit your needs. Precision agriculture in minutes: simply connect Pulse Hub to WiFi, pair your sensors, and see your whole operation from anywhere in the world.

Make your next crop your best.

Sign up for Pulse Hub Early Access and get all of the updates and exclusive access to the Pulse Hub launch before anyone else here: Pulse Hub Early Access

Preorders starting soon. First batch ships in April. Limited quantity available.

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I’m curious about the sensor support for this. Will pulse be supplying their own sensors or providing recommendations for 3rd party sensors to get? Is there any documentation available about this product yet and specifically about the sensors?


We’ll be supplying our own sensors, check what we’ve got on the site so far. We don’t manufacture these, but instead we source, test and integrate them onto the Hub platform.

We’re still working on a lot of the documentation, but there’ll be more to come soon.

Do you have any specific sensors you’d like to see integrated?

I came across sensors that go in the soil just like the ones that the Hub measures. Soil temp,EC,Ph. For $99. Be nice to integrate them into the hub.

Why would they support the ones that cost under $100 when they sell one that costs $350? lol’

For real though, it would be nice if they offered a less fancy soil sensor, because I want to use dozens of them, not take out a mortgage just to use one of them.

The soil sensors I use are pretty decent for the cost, they are made by ecowitt and cost about $30 each. They only estimate water content, which IMO is all you really need.

I’ve personally never benefitted from spot checking EC since it’s so wildly different across different parts of the pot; I imagine an EC sensor that’s left in-place would only be useful for noticing a trend (“is it tending higher or tending lower”). IMO it’s much better to get your hands dirty and just measure your runoff once a week, that way you actually know if it’s a healthy value.

Soil temperature is another weird one. That’s not something that changes based on what the plant is doing. If your pots are huge then the temperature will be the average temperature of your room, if your pots are small they will be close to the temperature of your room most of the day, or the temperature of the water are irrigating with if you are delivering large pulses of water.

Water content, on the other hand, I consider critical data. I can’t count how many times I’ve been saved by a low water content alarm.

As an example of what ecowitt gives you, here’s one of my grows on the 7 day chart:

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Lol. Yeah point taken. The only thing I’m interested in is the moisture content in the soil. But even now I guess not needed really.
When I use 7 gal pots. Watering is every 3 days @ full veg. Also doing it for some time now I’ve noticed RH runs more stable and dips low when close to watering. But just nice to have all the toys for it. At current cost? Even at just 2 plants that is $$$.
For the home grower it’s out of my price range. Sad. But unfortunately understand.

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@RobMI @Noah We appreciate this in-depth discussion and will look into all the wonderful points you guys made :slight_smile:
There’s def more hardware to come with the hub :slight_smile: