Integrated Grow Hubs

Hi all! I’m currently running the Pulse Pro and two Pulse Ones. I like them, the team, and the community coming together around Pulse.

I do want to take monitoring and ability to turn equipment on/off, etc from afar in real time. In starting to seek this out, and short of the commercial gear I don’t currently require, items like the Niwa Grow Hub are of interest. Before I invest in a product from another company, are there plans for a device like the Niwa that would work with my existing Pulse gear and app? I would so much rather invest in Pulse while streamlining the digital side of my garden.

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The question has been asked, if there was IFTTT integration for instance, one could use simple plugs like the Sonoff, Broadlink Arduino rPi to name but a few, but apparently the costs to enable IFTTT are prohibitive at this stage, or not essential.

I am running the trolmaster to control various aspects but expect a cheap buggy device that comes at a premium price, with a very poor monitoring interface - the pulse when compared to this, rocks.

In saying this, the combination works. Best with your grow!

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I’d like to mention that this has increased in priority for us. I can’t say much now, but expect more with regard to this in the relatively near future.

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This is fantastic news! Look forward to progress on this!

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We’ll keep you guys posted, but it’s still pretty early :slight_smile:

duplicate of Smart Plug for Controls - #5 by iou4ugrow