Inkbird to Pulse rH calibration

I find the pulse and inkbird to be within a degree of each other, but that they vary by 6-8% on rH. Anyone find similar? The sensors are all bundled together so there should not be any environmental variances. Thanks!


When I first set mine up I remember it being off compared to my ink bird. If I recall I think I met in the middle and calibrated both units in either direction to meet in the middle. Just actually gonna do a calibration reset in the next 10 minutes here and just calibrate the inkbird to the pulse as the pulse is probably more accurate anyways.

When I initially setup the inkbird humidity controller, I was seeing a 3-4% difference. I’m now at a -1% offset on the Inkbird humidistat after a few weeks. I have my sensors physically bundled with the pulse as well. I have my inkbird temp and humidity controllers calibrated to the pulse.


Doing it right. Waiting a while before calibrating and making sure that the sensors are extremely close together is a good idea.

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