Indoor Hemp Flowering Room

Is anyone else growing indoor hemp? I’m growing smokable hemp flower in a 350sf room. The pulse has saved me a few times from timer issues and staff messing up the lights. Love the device. Looking forward to building a community of detail and data driven growers to share with. image


That’s a nice lookin room man. Looking forward to building a community with you all as well :slight_smile:

Thanks Peet. That image is of 6 plants. I inherited them and they were too big for an indoor grow so I cut them down and sent them into flower. I’m adding checkerboard of CMH lights to the room soon to add 15 more lights and a boost of 4200k light to bring out the cbd and some UV light to build a frost.

The pulse is in there, its just hidden on another wall. I’m a huge fan of the product and am looking forward to where you guys take the tech. You saved me a ton of trouble, I was planning to build a custom system, but this met most of my needs and was very fairly priced. Bring in the CO2 sensor, or accept a low voltage feed from my controller, and I will be more thrilled.

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