Humidity never reads correctly

Hi, Need some help here pls.
I received 2 pulse units about 3 days ago and set them up both up in seperate tents, have them very close to the wireless modem and right beside very reliable and consistent weather station sensors. I have a problem with one of the pulse units. The tents are side by side. They are both on the 2.4ghz band but one has a very low connection. The other sensor has strong signal… The sensor with the weak wifi signal is the sensor that reads 4-5% off regarding the humidity. I’ve tried erasing past calibrations and resetting the humidity only to find it back to the wrong measurement about 12hrs later or less. It will not hold the new info at all. I’ve called tech support twice but they haven’t returned my call yet. In fairness, I just left the second message a few minutes ago. Hope I can get this resolved. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I would put both of them in the same tent side by side for 24 to 48 hrs and don’t touch anything no settings set it and forget it and see what the read after a day or two good luck

I will try that thanks but I do have 2 other sensors in there that both read the same humidity. Only the pulse is off

Did u try to manually calibration?

Yes several times

Hi - I see you contacted us in our regular support chat. For the sake of other people running into this issue, I’ll post what I said here:

I took a look at your devices - I’m guessing that 4848 is the one you’re having trouble with? It has lower signal strength than the other device. Are you testing them in the same exact location? It could just be that your other tent (3x3 tent) has worse signal inside of it. There are some tips for boosting signal strength:

I don’t see that you have any calibration set on your device. I guess you must have reset it to the factory default. When you place the two Pulse sensors side by side in the same space, how big is the difference in their readings?

No it was the 4847 sensor that was giving me a high humidity reading and a weak wifi signal.
Yes when I called he told me to reset the pulse sensors so I did, both of them. I also put them both in the same tent and will leave them there for 24 hours and see if they display the same measurements. So far it’s been about an hour and they’re already very close. Will let you know how things go soon. Thanks

Its been about 2-3 hours and the 4847 sensor is 4% higher then the 4848 sensor right beside it. I will give it 24hrs but I anticipate it’ll remain a 4% difference. This is exactly how much it was always off by…4%.

Are they still in the same place? By the way, it’s better if you reach out to us w/ our regular support email & chat widget. You’ll usually get faster replies.

If they are in the same place, it sure seems like it.

Their wifi signal is pretty much the same (both not great -69 & -71 dbm, -40 to -50 is good signal).

How close together are they? Is there good airflow where they are? Can you set them vertically so their fronts are touching? Right now there’s a bit of a temperature difference between them, so that would explain the humidity difference. They both are however reading the same dew point (61F).

One device is reading 77F and 57%, dew point is 61F.
Other device is reading 79F and 54%, again dew point is 61F.

Dew point is an absolute humidity measurement, while relative humidity changes with temperature.

Yes they are still in the same place. Side by side, vertical.
Not sure how to do the widget support.
I should be receiving wifi extenders soon but they are on the same floor and only about 20feet from the wireless modem so they should have a good signal. Your correct. They are 1degree off in temp and a steady 3-4% off in humidity. I’m guessing the one with the 4848 sensor might be off (reading low) because the 4847 sensor is the same as my homes humidity. There is good airflow. I have a oscillating fan above them. I will put them face to face. Please let me know if theres anything else I can try. I’m pretty sure they should reading almost identical measurements.

can you send a pic of how they are placed?

It’s that 1-2 degree temperature difference that makes the 3-4% humidity difference.

This is how they are placed now

Just a thought, I know I shouldn’t be blabbing my mouth but having them on the floor of the tent next to those air pots could be the issue. There is prob a humidity difference from one pot to another and they’d read different depending on which pot they are facing. It’s like a little micro climate rite next to each pot. Try hanging them in the air once

Blab away lol. I appreciate your input. I wonder what Peet thinks? I will definitely take that into consideration but for now I want to see if face to face helps.

Now they are 1.5 degrees different in temp, 2.5% different in RH. I would figure if you got em off the floor, canopy height, and put a shade over them so they weren’t getting direct light, your readings would be even closer.

But at this point you’re probably splitting hairs. If you want, you can adjust the temperature on 4848 down by 1 (this will automatically compensate the humidity value), or adjust the temperature on 4847 up by one.

As of now I’m .8 off on the temp and 2.7 off on RH. So I will take your advice and see. We are closer than we were before as long as it holds.

Ok I’ll leave them like this for at least 24hrs and see what happens. I won’t adjust anything yet.