Humidity control trouble

Hey everyone, so I’m having trouble with controlling my humidity Right now in my 4x4 tent and I can’t seem to figure out why? I’m a new grower so I’m bumping into all types of issues along the way, but controlling humidity hasn’t been one of them, until now😩 I use an Ac Infinity T8 in-line fan that kicks on when my humidity reaches 57% but the past 2 days my fan hasn’t been able to get the humidity under control, even with raising the speed of the fan to the highest setting(scares me cause of tent bend) I purchased a small seavon dehumidifier a while back when I was getting all my grow stuff ordered but have not needed it until now. Even with that in the tent now too, my humidity still isn’t budging and I can’t seem to figure out why… if anyone can shed some info that would be super helpful! Thanks in advance everybody!

Here’s a picture of my tent setup if this helps.

And this is just a basic hygrometer that I have placed in my bedroom that my tent sits in. Could this be related to my humidity in my tent? I do keep both flaps open on the bottom of my tent to bring in air so maybe this could attribute to the levels as well?

As for the humidity, a dehumidifier inside the tent isn’t gonna do much with a constant intake of humid air caused by infinity. Your best bet would be to place a decent sized dehu in your lung room(where ever u have your tent set up)
Looking at your pic you have those fans blowing heat from light downwards on your plants n damp pots which in my mind would cause humidity. Let your infinity do it’s job and open vents at bottom of tent to pull in dehu’d air from lung room. Vent ur exhaust to a different room if you’re not able to vent out of house


Hope that helps some
Plants look good so don’t over think it. You’ll end up pulling ur hair out haha

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Good advice right there!

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Tommy thanks again for the help! I’ll look into buying a larger dehumidifier for the bedroom! Quick question though, the fans blowing downwards on the lights, is that bad? Reason why I did that was cause the lighting company, Timber Grow, suggests pointing a fan on the heat sinks to help cool the LEDs. Is this a bad approach on how I have it set up? Do you have maybe a better suggestion on placement for those fans?


If you are struggling with high temps, using a fan to move air away from the LED heatsinks isn’t a bad idea at all as it will stop them from holding some of that heat. Either way, air movement in the tent is always a plus as moving air prevents stagnant air (mold) and also strengthens the stalks of your plants so they don’t flop over with heavy buds at the end of flower!


Having a fan cooling is not bad I’m merely suggesting that you don’t blow the heat down on your canopy! I see you have fans already pointed on your plants and that alone is more that enough air for your plants. Maybe point the cooling fans in a fashion that they’re be blowing the heat in the direction of your exhaust instead of on your plants!


Ahh ok!! That probably makes more sense than having that heat blowing downwards! Appreciate the help :pray::pray::pray: