Humidity calibration

Hey all. I have the pulse pro and had it hanging mid canopy height and had in middle under lights with price cardboard as a hood. I also have 4 other devices in a 4x4 x6.5 foot tent that read environment. All other 4 devices red 75-77f and 80% humidity. And pulse pro reads similar temps give or take 2f. But humidity is 67-70%. So I then moved it to edge of tent but I have a bar style LED light that provides even light density and now 4 devices are same and pulse pro reads 80f and 61% rh.

I calibrate for humidity using the “salt method”. Google “calibrating a hygrometer with salt” for more info. It’s easy to set up but give it a few hours for the instruments to respond.

I drove myself batty trying to get consistent readings between Acurite RH/temp sensors, a dedicated Accurate hygrometer, and the Pulse. The numbers varied, at times, because of the reporting frequency but there’s also the fact that most consumer hygrometers are only rated at ±5% so they might match and they might not.