How's everyone's summer going?

Getting hot here in Los Angeles. Ready for the fall already!

Summer has been HOT! We are finally starting to cool off. It’s been 90-95F almost everyday for at least a month (with hardly any rain). I feel ya Peet, always ready for Fall.

On more Pulse related summer news, I took down a harvest in late May, and decided to take a break for 2 months to make some grow space enhancements and take a vacation without having to worry about plants. Started a new crop mid July thats about ready to be put in flower.

… but for today its Friday and it’s the Summer. Gonna blow outta work early and take my wife to dinner.
Cheers Peet, Pulse crew, and Pulse community :slight_smile:


What kind of enhancements did you make to your grow?

Cheers! Have a nice time with the wife at dinner!

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  • Re-ran all the electrical cords so they are organized and labeled (this paid off handy when a USB cable of all things failed)
  • Upgraded to the AC Infinity controller 69 wifi
  • Added new oscillating fans
  • Increased the max height for my light in the tent
  • Setup a 2x2 tent for clones/small veg
  • Increased the air intake size and add pre-filter for the tent
  • Mounted RO unit, air pump, and mixing pump.
  • Added string lights around the grow to make it more cozy.

As much as I love the end product, I also really rather enjoy the growing portion. It’s a nice escape from daily stress, and it’s awesome to be able to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. Equipment upgrades are always nice, and making things more tidy definitely appeals to my ocd, but the string lights are my favorite. Prior everything was bright LED bulbs, but the less bright warmer light definitely makes the space more chill.

Next upgrade: Replacing my office chair with a nicer one (yay perminate wfh), and putting my old but still decent one downstairs :slight_smile:

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Love this :smiley:

if you’re close to a big city, the best bang for your buck is a used steelcase leap v2 chair. You can usually find them around $300.

My company spent a boat load on new chairs right at the end of 2019. They were pretty expensive, but where trash, so I bought my own when I transitioned to work from home. Shame there is a $700 chair hanging out at my desk in the office that I’ll never use again.

Think I’m gonna have to go sit in some in person and decide what I like.

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