How to update time zone

Nothing comes up under general app settings

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I can’t figure it out either. When I click, click here to update your settings, none of the settings are to change the time

@tlyerjamiz @The_madd_hasher Hello. Could you check under the Location - settings option?

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Thank you, I knew it had to be on there, but I was not seeing it

I was gonna report this, but was busy:

Click link takes you to you Account > General settings, when it should take you to Location > Settings

Consider either auto updating users timezone based on location, or add an “Update to detected time zone” button. Single click solutions are divine.

Also minor UI bugs:

  • “Click here to update settings” hyperlink looks unclickable (visited link color maybe?)
  • Dismiss button doesn’t look like a button
  • “Don’t ask me again…” dark mode color issue. (Maybe light mode also?, didn’t check)

Thanks. That was easy :man_facepalming: