How do you mount your Pulse? (something new coming in the box with Pulse One!)


Hey Pulse family!

We’ve been talking lately about various ways we can include a device mount in the box with Pulse One devices that would be suitable for a majority of users. Hopefully you have some pics and knowledge to share?

How do you have yours mounted?

What do you like about how you set it up, and what would improve that?

We’ve seen some pretty creative stuff already, can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!


Josh Grey

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Currently, I simply hang the Pulse from it’s USB cable and just leave it dangling. For me that works, but I can understand some people being a little questionable on hanging their investment that way. Perhaps you can add a tab or something similar on the case that will act as a stress relief/clip for the USB cable to provide a more secure hanging method than relying solely on the USB connector.


I also hang from the usb port… it falls off sometimes tho. Wish there was a hook, or eye loop to tie a string to

I added (glued, humidity destroyed double sided tape) a 60lb pull, 10lb slide magnet to the inside of the battery cover. I have steel grow & flower cabinets.

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That’s really cool! Do you have pics?

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140lb pull magnet

60lb pull magnet

15-20lb pull disk magnets. (I did not like these because of the lack of strength) but I can see where someone may choose to use them…

I simply used a dab of silicon to secure the magnet face to the plastic battery lid; then installed the lid.


That’s clever. Love it.

That looks SOLID! :heart_eyes:


I tried velcro but relocation as the plants grew was a PIA, This was the next secure attachment method i could come up with. It slides quite easily. The first attempt with magnets was bar magnets glued to the back cover. FAIL. The heat & humidity destroyed the glue; double sided tape had an even shorter lifespan.

I put a screw in a small piece of wood. Put the pulse on it. Added an eye hook on top of the wood and use a ratchet hanger to raise and lower it.

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In the calibration instructions is said to have it as close as possible to other sensors and such so I zip tied it to the sensor for my controller.


I see where some have had issues with double sided tape giving up in the growroom environments so I’ll be on the lookout for that.



Love seeing all these creative solutions.

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