How do I improve my wifi connection in the tent

Originally purchased this for a grow in a tent (like most of us). Had huge issues with “connectivity”, this is the square 2018 model. Monitor was about 50’ from Asus router and yes router has both 2.4 & 5g networks.
Apparently the mylar lining in tent was affecting signal retention. Called BS purchased a competitors monitor and works as intended.
Since I paid for this monitor I decided to throw it in my drying tent, reluctantly bought a netgear nighthawk wifi extender for the garage. Now the monitor is less than 10’ away. Signal was fair and worked for a bit. Now it is back to not working. Have restarted every network device in order. Have checked signal from wifi extender and it is gold, competitors device still working like it should, Pulse… not good. What do I do, do I need to go buy the new pulse version now? I like the app from pulse thats why I want to use it, would like to have all three tents with a pulse, but if I can’t see my grows environments what good is it?
By the way, when I disconnect and reconnect the pulse it flashes yellow/red then switches to yellow/green then blinks green.

for what it’s worth, i have pulse hangin in 3x3x7 gorilla in my cold ass basement. i also have tent wrapped in a survival thermal 2-sided blanket. on top of the tent is a 3x3 piece of 2” pink foam insulation with reflectix on top.
pulse has been firing 100% with no probs :facepunch:
maybe you have a bad unit, i’m sure they will send you a new one free of charge.
hope your situation works itself out :v:

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I’m thinking the same, been watching the connectivity radar through the pulse app. It goes from -80 db to -40db with a disconnect in there.

Hey - i think we spoke today. You should have a replacement device on the way soon!

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Yes got the email, and I decided to get another as well. Thanks Peet!

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Thank you @peet for the extremely fast delivery of the two monitors! Got them installed and they are working perfectly! Return will be sent out Monday. Thanks again!

Glad to hear it, sorry you had so much trouble before with the other device.

Yo what’s up whit the program? Why isn’t it calculating properly?

There was a bug, but it is fixed now.