Hermie plant?

Hey everyone, I’m a first time grower here and need a little help. Tonight when I went to go feed my plants I noticed an unusual sack on one of my berry og Kush feminized plants.

My plants are in week 4 of flower and I guess I just want to know how to proceed with this particular plant. Is it at a total loss now? Any help would be great, thank you.

I cut this branch to take better picture, but there are quite a few other sites that have these same sack like shapes…

Sad to say, but I’d get rid of that plant ASAP

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Thanks for the reply wheels​:pray:t4: I figured that’s what I would have to do​:weary::weary:

It was looking so good I thought for my first time! (Front left is the one that developed that sac)

It happens man. :facepunch: If anything, growing will teach you patience and perseverance. It’s hard to have a “perfect” run, and even harder to do consistently. My 3rd or 4th run hermed and I didn’t know it until it was too late. Whole tent was seeded


on a positive note :smiley: all those FREE seeds for practice grows is a bonus !!
if it’s for personal stash, who cares. i stressed my last feminized grow. she spit out 3 bananas during flower. at first i was bummed. then 25 year grow buddy said, “what’s wrong with free seeds”.
i never found any seeds but he was right. free seeds from quality bud are GREAT practice grows for new growers like myself.
always growing, always learning, always smoking… :v: