Help with Consistent Humdity

Hey all, just got my Pulse sensor about 3-4 weeks ago and absolutely loving it so far! Takes a lot of the guesswork out of my environment especially when out of the house. Still learning how to create a steady environment though which brings me to my question;

How do you guys keep your humidity steady in your areas? The climate I reside in is usually pretty dry as far as humidity goes (25-30%), and it definitely shows inside of the tent. My humidifier is able to keep up, however it’s always fluctuating And drops fast (in the right zone though mind you).

I would like to get it more constant and steady, however also don’t want the humidifier kicking in all the time and running constantly. The babies are just seedlings as of right now so I do not have any exhaust/intake fans running, but I do have 2 smaller fans (top corner and opposite bottom corner) of the tent constantly moving air, as well as the fan from the humidifier. So what would you guys do to make things a little more constant? Or would you just let her buck the way it is as it’s still inside of the zone? Thanks in advance!

just my opinion, i could b wrong but looks good dude. if i can keep my RH swings between 10% up and down with all inputs firing, i’m happy. everyone’s setup is different, i personally would benefit from a better lung room. open basement now, RH is around 44% thats why my swings drop so fast (in veg meow). i run 2 one gallon humidifier to speed humidity back in and the in-line fan triggers off RH set points, not temp. GL

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Thanks for the insight! Definitely thought I was gonna end up the other way and have to high RH and have to bring it down but that doesn’t seem to be the case lol it definitely drops a lot faster than it climbs back up. I’m hoping that as the girls start to get bigger they bring the RH up on their own a bit more and I’ll be able to keep it steady with my filter/exhaust fan on or else I might be in a bit of a tough spot :joy:

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agreed, i’m training my ladies week 5 veg so no real canopy. like you pointed out, RH is not an issue when they develop a canopy. i actually switch from humidity to temperature, to trigger inline fan for flowering. i let the canopy take care of humidity then. humidifiers slow down considerably.

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As you’ve already noticed, dealing with low RH in tents can be tricky considering how often the air in there is fully exchanged. The best way to deal with this is to condition the air going in your intake – essentially requiring you to maintain the RH of your “lung room” as @slick5o mentioned . This is a lot easier to do because the air isn’t being constantly exchanged.

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I appreciate your guys’ insight! Been a definite learning curve the last little bit trying to get the kinks worked out and everything on the up and up. Been trying to make the environment as automated as possible cause in my experience the less I tamper with it the better it seems to stay lol

There is different things you can do to keep your humidity steady. Are you in a tent grow?
Judging from your pulse picture it doesn’t get much better than that if this is a “hobbiest” grow and setup. It seems pretty consistent between 64-70% and that’s damn good.
I’d just keep doing whatever it is your doing and apply the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” routine before you invite unwanted problems.
All my issues arose from “ loving my plants to death” when I first started out. If your girl is growing at a nice pace, it’s lush green, and there isn’t any bugs on it or around it, I would just keep plugging away in the exact same manner the entire grow.
One thing I have came to understand is these plants LOVE consistency all the way down to the temperature of the water you feed it so try to maintain the environment that it has came up in up until this point. Your plants will reward you for it!


Awesome that’s good to hear. Again I am newer so hearing stuff from the guys who have ran into the same problems already is helping me out big time. But yes in a 4x4 tent. First time really indoors if I’m being honest