Frequency and Amplitude

What type of wave am I aiming for? I am adjusting some inlets, sensor locations, airflow and settings still.
I was having a pretty high frequency, realized the AC was drawing from the top of the tent and not best, just switched to a bottom port. Reading are looking better, Hopefully have a cycle average in about an hour.
Am I just looking at the average or is the high and low of temp and RH important?
Pule 051121_8pm-11pm

Anyone? Buhler?

Looking to see what others are getting with the Pulse monitor.

Typically you see these kind of zig zag cycles when you have a lot of environmental control equipment in a relatively small space. Is there a way you can turn down the intensity of the equipment, or set it up outside of the tent?

I ran out of Co2 today, switched to my AC Infiniti fan system since I had the temps outside the tent to pull the temp down without running the air-conditioner. It runs based on temp and RH.
A much more stable cycle it seems, a side note is that with out the external air coming in I had a Co2 deficiency (200-225 ppm) as around 400 is normal air. When I pulled in the fresh air in PPM rose. I do a 10 min cleanout per night, I think I may do more time to completely change out the air for a half hour each night instead of 10 mins.
The cyclic tendency seems to be a result of trying to run a 380 cu. ft. space at a specific temp, RH, and Co2 ppm. A fun challenge but it seems due to this it is not very hands off. As I mentioned I went from a closet to this, so has been a crazy step.
Side note, popped some awesome genetics I got from Ethos, Mandarin Cookies and Jelly breath, new birth when I saw they had popped their husks this morning. I have two auto (Twizzlers) I put in the germinator 9000 :joy: that woke up too. I am using bio plugs and the system from Park Seeds, I was nervous with femmed seed at $250 for 10 on the MC.

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If you’re not supplementing, you probably want to get external air in a bit more frequently than that. CO2 has a huge impact.

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I have worked on airflow in the tent which has helped tremendously. I have been able to reduce frequency to around 2/hour and the amplitude variation to around 15%. To control 380 sq.ft. has been a fun challenge

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Good progress. I think you can get a bit better. What kind of AC do you have? It may be a bit too much for your space.

I haven’t been able to repeat that now, not sure what changed aside from weather conditions. I am back to about 6-7 cycles per hour, But I am keeping the average VPD where I want it.

I have an active air 14,000 btu portable unit. It is definitely overkill for the 5’x9’ tent. I have it at medium fan speed right now. It would be nice if it had more intelligent controls for fan speed, two direction vent swing etc. I want it to cycle off at some interval so I can keep the CO2 level at 1400ppm as much as possible. I have the CO2 system locked out when the AC is in use. I keep the cubic feet per minute high on the tank regulator so I can get as much in as possible while the AC is off. Lots of fun keeping it all tuned. Outside temp and humidity conditions will change what settings i need on the controller, I am keeping a grow journal at this point!!