[Feature Highlight] Zones w/ Batch & Phase Tracking - Pulse Grow

Zones is a new completely customizable Pulse dashboard which allows you to group sensors into zones specific to your operation.

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Hey Peet,

Excited to see continued development! Heat starting to cool off a bit, so a new grow is almost upon me. Look forward to trying these features out. Please do continue with videos like this, I find they are helpful. It would be really cool to see tours of grows with they showing off how their Pulse products are setup and then a video similar to this showing how they are using these features. Sure that might be a pain to do, but its a neat idea.

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Appreciate the kind feedback and happy to hear you liked the new video! We definitely plan on doing a lot more highlights for our new & existing features. I’ll pass the grow tours suggestion along to the team, as I definitely think it’d be cool, but not too sure how possible that’d be currently. If you have any suggestions on a feature you want covered, we’d love to hear your feedback!