12 days into veg. Just started using pulse.
Hows mt environment looking

Maxing out space pretty hard with 7 in 3 gallon Fabric pots…:pinching_hand:
2x hlg100 v2 3k led lights

Do you got your lights on max power?

There is no dimmer they are at 24 from canopy

i also use HLG recommendations as a starting point. then dial things in frm there.

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I agree with slicks post. I used to think the brighter the better but my plants always got burnt or turned lime green and at the time I never knew it but I was torturing the plants with the light intensity

I guess I’m alittle confused, my lights are at 24in. above canopy. Not sure what percent intensity that would be. I thought the light % was meant for lights that were dimable so I just had it at 95…but it makes sense. So I guess technically my lights would be at about 80-85%? How do you calculate that by hight of a light always outputting 100%?


Well for instance, in the summer you have to limit your exposure to the sun on your bare skin to avoid getting burnt by it. The summer months we are closer to the sun there by making it far more intense, enough to damage our outer layer of protection. We can’t dial down the sun but as we move further away from it the less we are susceptible to sunburn and it gets cooler “winter” The same is true for plants and these lights the closer they are to your plant they can cause damage. If you hold your hand directly under it you’ll feel heat. Moving away from it you won’t feel the heat as much. With that said the plants do not need much ppfd in the beginning stages, so a light that has no dimming should be ATLEAST 36 inches away. As the plants get taller and stronger the distance will close naturally and you should not have a problem.
There is a app you can down load on your phone called lux meter. It measures light by foot candles which is a measure of light used by humans. This would be good enough to get you semi-dialed in. To measure the light the way plants see it you need a par meter. They’re pricey so I’m not saying you NEED it but that is the answer to your question

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Which quantum boards are you using? How many diodes per board

Gotcha, I messaged HLG and they told me 18 from canopy to start in vegetation. I brought it up to 24 because I noticed it was a bit much for them. I am starting week 3 veg and they seem to bushing out more then stretching. I might try raising up the light to 36 to see if they react well to this change.

I’m using 2 HLG 100 v2 3k lights. They are using 192 Samsung LM301H diodes. This is in a 2x4x6.7 tent

Right on bro. I’d take it up to the 36 and move closer if need be rather then moving it away a few different times as that may cause stress each time. Share some pictures when you get it dialed in bro!!!

I did a lot of research on those Lux meters for your phone And they are HIGHLY inaccurate. Don’t waste your time and grab Legit lux meter if you want to do the calculations for par .

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I buy and make lights using quantum boards from hlg and all the lights I come across are tested with apogee sensors not my phone, so any information I give I believe it to be reliable. I definitely wouldn’t tell someone something if I didn’t believe it to be true myself.

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@tommy.tee DAMN local 17 is expanding again ?!? im grinning frm ear to ear dude. i can’t wait to get another tent. your setup looks awesome. did u make tht light setup yourself ?

oops… i’m way to high again. i just read post. nice work on the lights tommy.

Are these HLG LED’s dimmable or are they the older models? I own one and have used it for veg, a friend of mine used 4 of these in a 4x4 tent and got really good results, but the spectrum rating in my opinion really is geared more for flower than veg!
I stopped using the HLG in my veg tent and purchased an 8 bulb 4ft T5, I get much better results and there are multi - spectrum 4ft LED bulbs that you can purchase to go every other bulb LED for flower or all 8 bulbs!
I don’t use the HLG 100/120 it’s back in the box sitting in the closet!

Hey brother what kind of number did the little mars hydro put out ? I have on those . It’s says 552 on the label . I’m just wondering if it held up.

At what distance, and which mars? The square ones or linear? I can check for you right now

And I’m sure they did their calculations in some sort of reflective walls I just have mine hanging in a closet auto flower grow on full blast!

No bullshit!!! I’m in the process of doing a test with a t5 flowering in a 2x4. I must say I’m pleased with how it’s going. I’m not sold on the size of the tops tho. I can say there is no purple stems , no deficiency, no problem whatsoever. So far my determination is if you want the big boy lights you really have to know how to push these plants. You can’t set it and forget it like this t5 grow. Everything has to be set just right to accommodate the intensity of the lighting, not accommodating the plant. I’ve learned quite a lot from doing this and I’d recommend ALL beginners and 2nd & 3rd grow apprentice’s grow all the way out using a four bulb t5 fixture with a 5k spectrum before going for the gusto! If I could go back to my first that’s how I’d do it 4 sure