Enthusiast plan cost

The only way to add multiple users to access the application/platform costs $20/person on top of the retail price of the units. I cannot find where this information is disclosed on the website and I wouldn’t have made the purchase (three pulse ones) if I knew the pricing plan for the app usage and feature access.

I hit the 30-day mark once I made the realization and am not sure if I will be able to return the product yet.

Please add the pricing model to the website for future customers.

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completely agree… pulse is the BEST VPD monitor on the market. support for questions and concerns are ALWAYS answered. i have learned a TON of relevant growing info thanks to the pulse monitor and the developers.

tht being said, charging xtra/monthly for information i ONCE had for free but now have to pay for… not cool.

create something ppl like, get’m hooked then jack the price… thts just business brah

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What do you mean slick. What are we paying. I must have missed these hidden costs! Are they charging my card I used for the purchase?
That would be bad business in my eyes n they’d definitely lose a customer my way. I can definitely use a vpd chart and 3 10$ arduino sensors to achieve the same thing but they made a all in one convenient device. With that said the info provided isn’t worth a monthly fee for a home grower. Commercial yes, me no!

How did you get this information?

I would be curious to see the info too myself as I haven’t been charged yet (too the best of my knowledge anyways) but that would definitely change things a bit. As Tommy said, maybe for a commercial grower but not a hobby grower like myself.

@tommy.tee wut up dude. i only agree with OP in that i was once able to see my past grow info when i hit the year button. now it says i’m grandfathered. if i want to see this info, i have to pay/upgrade.

no real big deal as i keep a journal.
i’m not knocking anyone or the pulse either.
i am classified by pulse as a hobbyist grower. there in certain things r free.
if i want more bells and whistles, i will have to upgrade.

again, not complaining, just chattin about something i didn’t realize till this morning.

no one is charging us anything. hobbyist package comes with the pulse at no additional fees.

I did some digging around and found it under settings here this morning. Gives a person a breakdown of what bells and whistles come with each plan. It’s under your profile settings, then tap upgrade now I believe it says under subscription then it’ll pop up to this page.

It would be nice for the hobbyist package to contain the ability to allow one other user access to view the data, in case someone needs to go away for a certain period of time and has someone else watching the girls during that time, but I mean with saying that for it being free it’s not a big deal to check it myself and text the person left watching over if anything comes up. Only issue for me is I like going camping/hunting in the bush with no service for 5-7-10 days at a time with no service. I just try to keep my tent dialled in and as automated as possible and hope no irregular issues come up :joy:

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A quick fix for your problem - you can just share your login info with whoever you want to access your grow’s data.

Now onto the rest of your concerns: I’d like to give you a bit of context and to better explain some of the thought that went into making these decisions.

The subscription is optional, and we didn’t take away anything away that we used to offer for free when we launched the subscription a couple of months ago. There’s nothing that is being withheld from you with a slight caveat: there are some early “grandfathered” users that have SMS notifications for free - a paid feature that we stopped offering a while ago for free because of how expensive it was for us (we re-released SMS with the subscription launch, after not offering them to new users for long time). If your grow is such a serious operation that you need multiple people to get notifications, then I would imagine that $20 a month ($40 once we stop the loyalty promotion) is probably worth it.

Notifications are one of the highest infrastructure costs of us, and we need to be a sustainable business that all of our customers can rely on for years and years, that is why we launched the subscription plans. Each additional person on an account that gets notifications more or less doubles infrastructure costs.

Also we’re offering our existing users a lifetime 50% off from the standard $20 a month subscription, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

We’re a small team and have been slammed with development work, so we haven’t really had a chance to update our marketing site in a while (pulsegrow.com). All of our resources are going into new product development and to making the app better for our users. We haven’t even had a chance to send an email to announce the subscription to our userbase. Adding a “plans” page to the site is definitely going to happen once we can catch our breath.

All that being said, if you feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth from Pulse, we’ll extend your return window. Just contact support, and we’ll take care of you.

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This has literally never happened.

Again, this was never the case, the historical view was always 2 months. If you’re particularly interested I can show you proof in our code base. In fact I’ll probably extend this to 3 months for free users soon. I’ve always kept adding more features for our users for free and will continue to do so.


This has never happened and will never happen.

Well don’t I feel like a bone head… just share my login info with someone else if I need them to watch over the girls. Can’t believe I never thought of that 🤦🤦😂

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Thanks for the breakdown​:call_me_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4:

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Hey this sounds very reasonable, I am a software engineer and have launched several products and I can attest that offering services that have a cost without developing a structure for payments like this, and then offering to scale that to multiple users, is simply not sustainable and would degrate the potential for the business to provide longevity, which is in the interest of all of us users.

So I can dig this.

I can also understand being slammed with developing new features and not wanting to slow that down to update a simple website, its not the best use for the skillset at hand when you weigh the priorities of the feature development.

Part of what I am getting with this response was that folks were never, in the outset, offered the feature of having multiple users with multiple logins accessing the same account and getting all the notifications etc, it was a feature that was developed and then offered as a subscription, is that correct?

In that case there is actually no break in integrity in terms of this service offer warranting a “we better fix the site now” kind of prioritization, the feature was added for subscription users.

I know its hard for folks not developing software to fully wrap our heads around because most apps offer things like this so we figure it should be there as a baseline, but the actual reality of software development does not work like that. Every single feature like that one has to go through a development process involving brainstorming, technical roadmapping, deciding on the user experience look and feel, development, testing to make sure the code does not conflict with any other code or cause unforseen issues, testing and potentially refining the user experience once developed, and often releasing as a beta feature for testing by some audiences, then a full release, and all of that time and energy has a cost associated with it.

So even though many sites would allow this, they don’t do so without there being a cost associated with it, and offering a solid app structure that provides real value to people for free with an option to allow for additional features for a fee is a time tested and well loved strategy.

Clearly the workaround of sharing your login info is there if someone wants a quick way to accomplish this, and thats not blocked like with other apps ( netflix for example capps this )…

So, I would say this actually makes a lot of sense. Its not a broken promise. Its not a situation where someone tried to hide something from us.

Really, in essence, the dark side of the coin would be to do something like this, secretly, with intent to hide it from the user, and then have it be something essential to function… thats the thing that we see time and again and has, I believe, a radar up for that… and with this explanation, I think its not the case.

Peet - so you know, I am a software engineer and would be happy to update your site on contract the moment a need for that does hit the top of your priority list.

That’s correct, this was something new we built out because it was requested from some of our commercial growers as a feature that they wanted, and were willing to pay for once we launched. It was a big lift by our engineering team, but I feel like we did a great job!

Absolutely, and in addition to that, as each feature layers upon each other feature, the complexity of things gets multiplied!

It accomplishes everything besides sending notifications (which wouldn’t be sustainable for us to offer for free, due to the multiplicative effect on cost), but I’d say it’s not the most elegant solution.

I’m glad you see it that way. We always try and do right by our users.

I’ll send you a PM.

Something I feel like I didn’t emphasize. Here’s a list of things we’ve launched for our free users in the last year:

  • Day/night averages
  • Dew point
  • Variability stats (today!)
  • Filters for journal
  • VPD guidance
  • Native apps & notifications
  • Better international support with dates & times
  • Low battery alerts
  • Sparklines on dashboard
  • Change over time details in notifications
    And probably a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember at the moment.

We’re trying to keep our all of our customers as happy as we can, so we will keep making the app better for all of our users.


Thanks for the response! In retrospect, I should have better phrased the title.

While I agree, this is a quick work around, it leaves a lot to be desired from a security perspective. I am not a commercial grower, but I do have a friend whom I farm with and would have liked the ability to share information without compromising my credentials.

When multi-user access is enable, is the authorization role-based? I also wouldn’t necessarily want to give someone administrative privileges. (until I do! haha)

It’s all good, and I’m sure you made the business decision for a good reason. I just thought it would have been nice to have the subscription plan posted on the website.

Again, all good. I have no clue how your are handling your SMS events, but I do know their costs could runaway from ya fairly quickly when not designed for that optimization. This also brings me back to my role-based authentication question. If I share my dashboard, do they automatically get notifications for the alerts I’ve created? Can users create their own personal alerts?

I’m not sure what this is. Maybe I missed an email or something. Are you saying that the subscription for the next tier would be $10/month per user?

Please, keep doing what you’re doing. I think the product has a lot of potential and wish you the best of success! I understand websites can be a low priority compared to feature development. I suppose I was just trying to say that it would have been nice to have the subscription model posted before I made the purchase. My bad for being a bit hasty on the purchase.

Already done. You guys are great! Thank you again!

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I’d love access to your codebase. =)

I personally would appreciate access to the API and/or the ability to export data to link with other datasets. Additionally, my preferred “workaround” for multi-user access would be to pay for a single user in the enthusiast tier and integrating the API data into my current notification system (homegrown). Can you point me to the API documentation?

thx for clearing things up peet :facepunch: damn good info :v:

nxt time i’ll do more research of my own b4 gobbin off @ the mouth :joy:

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Advanced permissions management (roles, etc) is a Professional plan feature. Pretty typical for SaaS. On the enthusiast tier everyone is an admin.

They would get the same alerts you’ve created, but can decide whether or not to get them by email, SMS and push.

Currently if users sign up for a subscription with the PULSEOG coupon code, they get 50% off for the lifetime of their subscription, so it would be $10/mo/user instead of $20 which will be the full price.

We have a public API access available to Professional subscribers as part of a custom integration. At some point in the future as the public API matures, we’ll probably give access to more of our customer base. For now it’s not a priority. I will say if you’re good at web development and APIs, you can probably figure out how to leverage the same API the app uses to achieve your goals, but you’d have to do so without documentation.