Device is losing profile

I have made two profiles for my device:

1- Veg late fall
2- Flower late fall

I’m not sure if it is losing the profile because you guys at Pulse might be pushing out updates and this forces the device to have an “unassigned” profile or not.

When I choose my profile it stays on the device for 1-48 hours before disappearing. It’s annoying because I start receiving emails because of the alerts that are selected.

Do you make changes to the device’s settings? Doing that will remove the associated profile, because the profile & device are different now.

I’ve got a task in my backlog to make it so that you can update the profile w/ the new settings.

No, I select device and assign profile. When I check the device through the app I press the pulse waveform icon (top left on the phone) app refreshes and I view the data. Occasionally as I mentioned the profile will show un-assigned