Dehum problems

I have a Danby dehumidifier the one that has a fan running all the time, I have it hook up to my Ink Bird humidity controller set at 45% and when it cuts on at 45% the Humidity jumps up to about 58-60% then goes down. now when it shuts off the humidity starts to raise again then it does it again all over. how to I go around this and should I be worried about this. By the way the dehumidifier is in the tent…desperately seeking help?
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Greeting Gemann,
Do you have your ventilation set up? Where is it dispelling the air from the tent?

I had the humidity in here at 60% the whole way with plenty of air movement above and below the canopy so I don’t think you have anything to worry about

up top on the right, thats where the exhaust is located at… then have 2 intake on the right and left

It’s always easier to control the air outside your tent, rather than inside your tent (if that’s possible for your situation), then to take it to the next level, just have a fan & controller for the tent, and increase or turn on the fan whenever the environment in the tent starts to drift.

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In my situation, that’s not possible because I have my tent down in the basement in a room that is limited to space. My concern is when the humidity raises like that then back down again then again it has to be not good for the environment so not sure what to do

I wouldn’t be too concerned with those fluctuating conditions as it is largely unavoidable – especially in a tent. These plants actually prefer a higher humidity than you’d think, but the reason we need to keep it lower than ~65% is mostly to avoid conditions that mold and pathogens thrive in.

Your plants look healthy and I see you have some wall fans in there, low and high which is great to keep your air moving around. As long as you have good air movement (mold likes stale air in humid areas) and your humidity isn’t spiking for extended periods of time, you shouldn’t have any issues.


Nice to hear, thank you I am actually putting PVC pipping across the walls of the tent to keep it from sucking in from the negative pleasure from the new exhaust fan that I installed the AC infinity T6 is a great fan and using the old fan as an intake fan to bring in fresh air seems to be working great and just added the Pulse One and loving it I don’t know why I am just getting it now should have got it a long time ago. I am good with the dehumidifier now so thanks again you will properly hear from me again in the near future.

UPDATE: by turning down the dehumidifier actually worked now its holding at 43-45% temps at 78-80F a sample fix that got over looked welcome to growing my friends :exploding_head:

I tried the Humidifier/A/C thing. It just cost A LOT of electricity, I finally settled with using a humidity controller that uses fuzzy logic. My Inkbirds were just to much dead band and the RH swings were to big. I use that to turn on my exhaust fan on, to lower the humidity. The plants in seem to be enough to raise the RH. If not I use a heating mat under the plant trays to evaporate the water there.

The fuzzy logic in my controller “learns” and anticipates the swings in RH and compensates for them. Its amazing the fan only runs for 4 or 5 seconds at a time and is off for 10-30 mins depending on time of day…
I also use CO2 and the cost of the little extra CO2 used is VERY cheap compared to the $$$ for A/C and dehumidifier. I usually do NOT have to add heat or have temps go to high, especially with the CO2 u can hit temps 90f+ if u r good. I’m not so good, I keep my temp up to 84f max and that’s right where the HLG 550 Rspec & UVA supplement holds it.


Oh this is day 20


What is fuzzy logic and how to I go about getting a controller the uses this fuzzy logic??