Correct Placement?

Maybe I’m overthinking this, but where should I place my pulse? I have a 4x4 tent and currently have it hanging in the middle of the tent among the canopy.

I do this based off the recommendation that it be in the “middle” of the plant. Although I see recommendation to keep it towards the wall and out of the light.

Help me obi wan, you’re my only hope.

Example of canopy:

That’s where I would hang it, and just tape a visor over the eye so the lights don’t shine directly into it. I like the center because I feel like you get better averages on all your settings. But definitely look for other opinions, and then make your best decision.

I wouldn’t place the sensor “in” the plant. The pulse is billed as “The smart environmental monitor” and, in that role, it reports the conditions in the growing environment.
My Pulse is in a little 2’ x 4’ tent and, since my grow is now in seedling/early veg, the Pulse is sitting on top of the reservoir, right next to the plants. When the plants get bigger, I hang it off of a cross bar at the back of the tent and keep it at about canopy height.
In your setup, I’d raise it to canopy height and move it off to the side, per [the docs].(Where do I place my Pulse? | Pulse Labs Help Center) Well, the doc, I should say.

I’d be really tempted to hang it in the center of the grow and perhaps Pete could weigh in on that very question. My thinking is that if you’re using LED"s there’s very little IR vs HPS/CMH/etc. so it might be OK to move the Pulse to the center. Dunno. I’ve tried it in both locations over the past year and found no significant difference so I just keep it in the back, out of the way.

Great looking set up, BTW.

Thanks @OC_Grower for clearing that up for me, your absolutely right. I wasn’t very clear on where not to put it. Lol
Based on his photos I would have probably let it hover just above the canopy in the middle. With that said now I also know where to go and get, placement information at.

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You’re welcome!

Prior to my pic I had it hanging just above the canopy in the middle, and then when I looked into it, I was confused as to what the placement should be. Based off what you are saying and what you linked, I will adjust it to the back of the tent at about mid-canopy level so it’s not getting direct light.

Ty for the compliment, and help everyone :slight_smile:

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Moved my pulse to the back of the tent. My tent is pretty stable so I’m gonna see if I see any measurable difference in averages between above the canopy and the back of the tent. Gonna venture a guess I’ll have similar results as OC_Grower, which will support that it isn’t super important, though I accept really powerful LEDs might have different impact than ours.

If it works out OK, I’ll take the credit. If things goes sideways, blame Pete. :slight_smile:

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You got yourself a deal :v:

I have mine positioned in the back Mid-Conapy and have an old CD on top of the unit. Its used as a heat shield from my 650 Rspec that lights gets hot for a LED

That’s a really good idea. Thanks for passing that along.

Wish I’d kept those AOL CD’s…