Connection issues

My Pulse Pro just suddenly disconnected and I can’t get it to reconnect even when I perform the wi-fi connection process with the Pulse Pro unit directly next to my router. I was able to temporarily reconnect but upon checking the unit this morning, it is no longer connected. Any suggestions on what I should try next? Or could there be a problem with the unit itself?

  1. reboot router/power cycle router would be my first suggestion.
  2. If you are using a mobile device to do the connection process I would: force quit application, then restart/reboot the device as well.
  3. Hard reset the device and start over
  4. If none of the above work I’d suggest contacting the tech support directly. I’m sure they might have additional/better instructions for you.
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I used to have a lot of issues with wifi connectivity and these devices. It had me thinking that there really should be a more convenient/quick way of connecting that’s quicker and more responsive.

Anyway, I don’t know whether it helps, but here are the things I did to improve the stability of my wifi connections across all my IOT devices, not just pulse. Some of this may require some technical knowledge.

  • If you never have before, update your router firmware. The firmware it comes with out of the box is usually full of bugs.
  • I don’t recommend giving static IPs to any IOT device (you would have to do this manually, so most people never have to worry about this). And if your router’s LAN changes from say 10.0.0.x to 192.0.0.x then power cycle everything on the network.
  • if your router supports it, create an SSID for only the IOT devices, and set it to 2.4ghz only. Some IOT devices don’t negotiate properly, and very few of them support 5ghz.
  • set the encryption to WPA-2, AES only.
  • make the password something easy to enter and that doesn’t contain anything that might be auto-corrected. For instance, I used to have a password with three periods in a row, which was auto-corrected into a single character ellipsis. Having I and 1 and | or O and 0 in passwords can lead to issues when re-entering passwords from notes.
  • if you are using wifi repeaters in your network and they aren’t true mesh, then consider using different SSIDs on each one rather than the same SSID, because IOT devices sometimes try to connect to the Access Point that is super far away even if an AP is right next to them.
  • if the IOT device you are using supports viewing the signal strength, like pulse does, ensure that the signal in the final location is fairly strong. Weak signals can go in and out as other signals interfere throughout the day.

Not all of this applies to the situation you’re having, but hopefully it helps overall.



If you’re still running into troubles, send us an email at so we can get you taken care of!