Compatible batteries? No-go using rechargable AA?

Is the Pulse One very particular about which batteries are acceptable? How can I tell which ones will work?

I tried today to connect for an excruciating amount of time and I couldn’t tell what was going wrong until I got home and troubleshot for longer than I want to admit. I had the device plugged in (later I determined that the socket I was using did not have power) and it had freshly recharged batteries (I later determined that it hated those batteries, and works just fine with alkaline duracell).

To my displeasure, the rechargable batteries I used did cause the device to blink brightly when they were put in, which fooled me into thinking they were working. Hot tip: don’t use Amazon’s PowerOwl AA NiMH batteries. Just use old school batteries, they work perfect.

I haven’t tested it with Recharable batteries, but it has no issues with normal alkaline batteries. Im sure some other users have tried rechargeables - maybe some type works?