Coast of Maine soil?

Sup y’all! Hope everyone is doing well! I recently picked up a bag of Coast of Maine Stonington blend. It’s supposedly a water only “super soil” but it’s pretty difficult finding solid threads about growers using this. Just curious if anyone has experience with these folks.

I’ve been using Roots Organic Lush “super soil” for the past two grows as well as their terp teas, but their soil is currently unavailable in IL right now, so decided to go with coast of Maine.

I’m currently in 3 gallon pots wk 6 of veg(in roots organic) but I am transplanting to 7gal pots(coast of Maine) and will veg for about 2 more weeks then flip to flower. My plants have been heavy feeders through the end of veg(teas around 940ppm) and have over stayed their time in the 3 gal pots.

Just not sure if I should pause on my teas when I transplant, or if maybe the coast of Maine has enough in it to keep them happy being that they are heavy feeders and near the end of veg.

Here’s some photos of what’s in coast of maine/my plants if that helps…

And I recently gave them a pretty big hair cut, normally I try not to unless they really need it, things were getting bushy though…

Yes I have used it and it is a great soil that is technically water only but Coast of main has some ammendments that they suggest adding when/if the plants need it.

These are all I needed and not necessarily all together-

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