CO2 system

I recently added a CO2 system to my grow room and everything was working fine. I had it CO2 levels in the 1200’s consistently when the lights are on. All of a sudden today it’s not going up much higher than 900 it’s staying in the 800’s also the relative humidity is higher today than it has been since I put in the system just wondering if anybody knows what could affect my CO2 levels changing like that.

Have you checked what readings you get with ambient outdoor air? You should see right around 400ppm within about 15-30 mins of putting it outside.

The CO2 sensor is very sensitive, and bumps or other physical shocks can mess up the calibration, but re-doing the calibration to ambient air corrects that pretty much right away.

I suggest to do a quick double check and calibation.

Thanks for the reply, the CO2 controller indicates that the CO2 level is just slightly less than what the Pulse meter says. They are in two different parts of the room so I’m assuming that’s why there’s a difference in Readings they are less than 50 PPM apart.


Everything’s good figure it out false alarm sorry somebody must’ve bumped the knob on the regulator the slightest nudge and it changes the flow rate.