Co2 controller recommendations

Hey guys so after getting my pulse pro I’ve found my co2 levels in my room are incredibly low. It is coming in around 350 and drops sometimes to under 3. So I will be sealing up my room and adding co2. I actually found a old kegerator setup at a tag sale so I have a tank and regulator. I just ordered a 120v 1/4” solenoid so I can dial in my co2 a bit better using a timer for the time being until I find a decent controller . Is there any controllers anyone recommends that won’t break the bank? I have seen those ones that are just A simple plug w a dial to set the ppm. I was also wondering is there’s any way to use the co2 readings from the pulse to activate a solenoid to open my co2? So like how the pulse sends you an alert that co2 is low is there a way to send a trigger type signal to tell my 120v solenoid to kick on ? And then when the demand is met it would stop the signal and co2 would stop via closed solenoid . Thanks friends :green_heart:

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I was looking for the same integration. I found that with ifttt one can do this but pulse units are not ifttt enabled.

I am using my pulse for monitoring only and have had to get a controller to manage various aspects of the room.

I ended up going with trolmaster, powerful but nothing like the pulse when it comes to monitoring.