Chromebook browser not working

I cannot get my Chromebook browser to show the dashboard. It just loads the little pulse symbol. On my phone it says. “Getting dialed” the Chromebook browser doesnt get to that point, it just loads the pulse symbol and thats it.

Hi there, sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with the app.
Could you please dm me with you email so that i could check whats up? Also, is the mobile app working for you?

I’ll try to resolve the issue as soon as possible

Hey Cody,

Hope you’re doing well! Not super familiar with Chromebooks, but are you using the browser app ( or are you installing the app via some sort of app store on the Chromebook? Also to follow-up with what @Ggofman mentioned, does the mobile app (iOS/Android) work for you?

The app works fine on mobile, but the web app wont work. I try to use the browser on the website and it just loads the pulse symbol with and doesn’t do the “getting dialed” part

Still cant seem to get the Chromebook to load the web app

Hi there.
It seems to be something specific to this particular device, as we don’t see any issues or errors for you account and the app is working fine.

Could you please dm me with a bit more details on your chromebook setup ?
Browser version and Chromebook model would be helpful. And are you installing the app on the chromebook or just using the browser? (just to be sure)

Best regards.

The issue is seemingly the forced obsolescence of technology, apparently older chromebooks are worthless and unable to be updated. I would love to see a warning somewhere. I am desperately trying to find a way that our trainees can use the pulse system.

If you’re really desperate, you can try using the app on a newer device.

We’re a small team and supporting an out of date and niche thing like an old chromebook is a surprisingly massive amount of work and therefore completely unfeasible.

Wish it wasn’t that way, but we can’t responsibly dedicate engineering resources to address an issue where it affects such a tiny portion of our current and potential customer base.

Your best bet is to take it up with google for not updating their chromebook software to support existing web standards.

Unfortunately our organization is based on donations from the public, we can only work with the tools we have at hand. I was told there was Chromebook compatibility when the product was sent. I am very sorry that we are not your target audience, but we are trying to change lives here. There has to be a bigger goal than money.

Sorry, we could definitely surface more specific compatibility information. Our application is built on Angular and angular supports the latest two versions of common browsers: As far as our version of the app, we support google chrome and safari.

I wish we had the resources to support backwards compatibility and all browser versions, but it is a massive engineering task to be able to do that, and old versions have additional and known security vulneurabilities. It would be a significantly bigger volume of work than developing our actual application!

You’re implying that we’re driven purely by money, but we did, however, donate a free Pulse Pro device for your organization, and spent a significant amount of time helping you troubleshoot the lack of browser compatibility for the Chromebooks which were dropped from support by their manufacturer. If we were driven purely by money, I don’t think we would have spent the time (which costs us money) and and given you free product (which costs us money) supporting your cause.

Regardless, I’m sorry this experience wasn’t up to your expectations and that you were upset.

I am very grateful for your help, and my sincere apologies for my frustration. I hoped to be able to use your product with the computers we have at our disposal, to help show our trainees information on environmental parameters. I will have to rethink our whole project I suppose. A colleague of your mentioned we can use it on mobile devices, but trainees are encouraged to leave their phones in theor pockets when on the farm. We will figure something out. Thank you very much for your time,and your understanding in the matter. In my field of work, helping those struggling, we rarely have success stories, so sometimes it feels enare fighting a losing battle. Of course we are very humbled by your generosity. I truly hope to be a long time customer of yours. Hope you have a great day.

-Cody Davis
The Homeless Garden Project

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