Charts on Chrome Android Barely work anymore

Lately since the update I can never get it to work. When I open pulse it’s slow to start and 9 out of 10 times it will crash and freeze. And it keeps login me out.

Using chrome on Android ? Same issue here. Use Firefox as a workaround. Pulse blames their 3rd party chart library. Their suggestion was to use Firefox. No known fix yet…

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@Yournamehere, @zipphreak
chromium, the open source project that chome is based on has a tracker for the issue here:

Seems like some good progress, they seem to have a cause identified. i’m assuming a fix will be up sooner than later. For now the workaround is using firefox.

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Thanks for the replies. Yesterday I found out if I go to the chrome setting and erase all chrome updates the pulse app works perfectly fine until chrome updates again. Thanks again

I have the same issue. Crashes 9/10 times since the update. Have to sit at the computer to check pulse

Try using firefox. There’s a bug in mobile chrome right now that should be fixed soon.

I found a workaround that fixes this. The android/chrome issue should be fixed, and your charts should be fast once again!