Calling all scroggers

Are there any body here that scrogs or know anything about it. I have a couple of questions? I have 3 that are 20 days old from seed, they are autos,
1st. When is the best time to put the net over them.
2nd. Is it necessary to train them, like LST bending, topping or fimming
3rd. Do I tie or weave through the netting?

I don’t have a ton of scrogging experience, but i do love the rig you built. Well done!

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  1. I do it as soon as plants are on the table and then adjust height…as putting the net on when they are big, is not a fun experience.

  2. yes or play with plant count .

  3. whatever method fills the netting while, maintaining an even canopy

Tip you want the canopy to be as even as possible, could be difficult with autos but I’m sure you’ll figure it out!