Brown pistils after 1 week of flowering?


I’m Lawrens from France, first grow ever :slight_smile:

I noticed some brown pistils among the white ones on my royal dwarf auto.
The plant is only one week into flowering, just wonder if that is ok ?
Thank you ,

I really don’t know if that is normal… just hope that it is not some sort of rotting…
What do you think ?

I have had that happen before from a fan blowing on them too hard. If everything else is in check then I would think environment would be the causing factor .

Environment is quite good I think, RH is at 55% and T° in normal range.
I’ll try to orientate the fan differently.

I don’t think it’s any kind of rot. Sometimes pistils can turn early if they were pollinated in pretty sure. I wouldn’t worry about one or two and just make sure the fans are not on your plants but rather around them.

Well then I’ll have a problem, because my tent is 80x80x180 cm, with 4 plants in it. I have no other choice than setting the fan above the plants, not enough space to have it blow around them…

I just mean not directly on them. It best to have the air going above the plants and then I like to even keep a fan below at pot level also. Just make sure to have fans relative to your tent size. If you have a very small tent then I wouldn’t use fans bigger than 5/6 inches in diameter.I like the 2 speed 6” fans . They are nothing special , just perfect for just the right amount of airflow in my setup. . It doesn’t take much to blow air across a small space so smaller might even work.

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