Blue alert arrow?

I’m noting a new alert being displayed next to my VPD measurement, however I’m unclear as to why? Normally when I see that arrow alerting its red and my environment has hit a threshold outside my set parameters, however its blue and I appear to within my set parameters.

The alert is indicating that I am below the set threshold of VPD 1.1 however my thresholds are set to alert outside of 0.9 - 1.3. When I disable the VPD alert the blue arrow goes away so it appears to be based off that configuration, however it appears to be using my set target VPD as the parameter its measuring against(which is set to 1.1).


Current VPD alert settings:

Additionally the messaging is inconsistent as all placements do not display VPD to two decimals, so the message is telling me I’m below 1.1, that my VPD is 1.09, but also shows big text saying “Your VPD is currently on target”. My assumption is that my target of 1.1 translates to 1.10-1.19, and in this case I would be outside my target and the message should indicate I am below. I imagine that message is doing some rounding.

We’re getting rid of those arrows, they were a bad UI idea from me a while ago, and are active even if the alert isn’t turned on.

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the UI changes are live (little dismissable tags for when you have ongoing alerts on a device)

Thanks @peet I like the new UI for alerts a lot!

nit: “Vpd is Low/High” should be “VPD is Low/High”

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i like it too! I feel like it’s much clearer now :slight_smile:

i’ll make the change from Vpd to VPD soon

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