Better nutes?

Hey everyone! I recently finished my first grow and was quite pleased with the result! Shout out to all you wonderful peers and pulse for helping me along the way!

Im going to be getting my second run up and growing soon and I guess I just wanted to see what kind of nutes everyone uses??

I ran with fox farms ocean forest as my soil and I went ahead and used their trio nutes as well. I developed some nute lockout along the way and I guess it just has me wanting to look into other options moving forward. I’ve heard great things about FFOF that’s why I used it, but as far as these liquid nutes, I don’t really see too much positive stuff about them… more negative than anything. If anyone wants to chime in that would be greatly appreciated!!

*my grow setup:
Fox farms ocean forest w/perlite
5 gal smart pots
640 watt cob led timber grow light
Ac infinity
In case any of this matters^^ here’s some photos tho!

All together I pulled 9.5oz off of 3 plants:First photo is super silver haze and the other one is berry og Kush! I added that photo of my sick plants(nute lockout) but yeah! Thanks for any and all help guys​:pray:t4::pray:t4:

Agreed on the nutes. ESPECIALLY if you are using soil! I gonna switch to dry amendments this grow. As soon as all the shit I have runs out. No more bottled for Tommy either

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@Chiguy420 i ran FFOF soil and their TRIO, roots organic CALMAG and PH up/dwn for my first grow. did ok, yield was decent for 1 plant. i should have stuck with that combo until i was better acclimated into growing 1 way/method. instead… i switched to all organic shit (less FFOF soil) including compost teas. now i have to relearn how to feed the SOIL to feed the ladies.
not complaining but daaaaamn the learning curves :wink:
i switched to root organics buddha bloom, grow, hpk and calmag. also have nitrozime algae, molasses (unsulphured), nectar of the gods up and down. also still use FF big bloom.
teas i add according to cycle, peruvian seabird guano, bat guano, EWC, humus (alaska). i started a tea :20 ago.
TONS of new learning curves WHIZZZZZZING through my head meow HAHAHA
honestly, they look great. teas really help with PH and soil health. i just fukd up on timing and stage of nutes. organics feed the soil first then the plants. i was used to synthetics going straight to the plant. oh well… jack herer is NOT going to stretch… at all. live and learn.
just chattin here, i’m still learning. hope this helps or gets the gears turnin :v:

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@tommy.tee hey wild man, how goes the auto pots ? they have a bigger diameter tubing now.
i think for less clogging and or organic folks.
your grows have been lookin great dude. keep it up :facepunch:

I did not see the bigger auto valves yet. Definitely would’ve been great if they did it right with their first idea. Lmao. Dude my best Bush hermied on me so I’m a bit perplexed as to understand why the fuck she did that😔

Oddly enough I did not kill it. I’m gonna try to isolate and press the material bc based off of past experiences it looks to be a pound a plant for sure. The colas on this he/she is gonna be something to write home about for sue. I’ll keep you updated

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She’s in hermie jail :joy:

HAHAHAHAHA hermie jail

gotta b genetics then ? herm suks, hopefully it’s a isolated thing. i to will b curious how that plants produces. i will b lookin at pollination possibly next grow.

Although the plant has hermied im pretty sure I saw it before it “fucked” itself hahahaha haha hahahaha hahaha that was fucking funny. But I’m wondering if this is salvageable or I’m just growing a shit plant?
Yeah I got these seeds from some California guy on the net. They arrived real shotty looking so I guessing the genetics are shitty. We will see. I was absolutely loving the way it was growing til it hermed

Hey @Chiguy420

Definitely got some lockout going on in those canopy shots.

One thing to consider is that most lockouts occur because the pH of the water is out of range. If it is too high or low, the plant literally cannot uptake certain nutrients.

What is your plain tap pH, mixture pH, and runoff pH. This is most likely the culprit, as well as maybe over feeding (what ppm is your solution?). You can do a full cycle on just tap water and ocean forest straight out of the bag – I’ve done it before with great results.

Ocean forest is packed with nutes out of the bag for roughly 3-4 weeks . If your adding nutes on top of that it’s gonna be really hot . Do you have a ppm and ph meter ? Absolutely essential for a proper grow. And always monitor your runoff . If your monitor runoff ph and ppm frequently you won’t run into lockout issues .

A few brands I recommend over ocean forest are
Lower end of quality - dynagro

Higher end - cropsalt ( dry ) highly Recommended
House and garden - although I don’t like how many bottles they have .