Before Pulse … BP

What did everyone do to keep tabs on your grows before Pulse ?

For us it was forever going into the rooms and checking on things. And those days where things weren’t going great, and you had to be away from your grow, worrying about your grow all day, was for the birds.

We started to learn about VPD a couple months before purchasing Pulse. When we discovered the Pulse, and in addition to all that the Pulse could monitor, that the Pulse could also monitor and provide VPD numbers, the VPD feature was just the icing on the cake to an already amazing device.

We can’t imagine growing without our Pulses. We have 4 of them.


The classic is a webcam pointed at a thermometer.


Haha this is great! @Farmer

Oh boy, what haven’t I tried. It was this journey that brought us the Pulse we have today.

I was a tech professional by day, grow enthusiast by night in a not so friendly state. A lot was on the line, not only in terms of success of my garden, but also my personal freedom.

I tried everything across the spectrum: webcams on meters, generic sensor solutions, expensive control systems. I literally have a 28gal tote full of what I like to call “glass half-full” products. Most of the stuff I tried was either too janky and unreliable for my precious garden, or required a huge upfront investment that got me a bunch of stuff I didn’t need (or trust for that matter, I like my reliable “dumb controllers”).

Thank you again for the kind words and support!


a spreadsheet for each grow with daily or quasi-daily measurements & notes.
i still maintain a spreadsheet to record readings and produce graphs (mainly to track and graph ph, rez temp & ppm of each cabinet). My expensive monitoring equipment has a logging feature(to xls format file) but no ability to chart. Go figure…

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