Bedroom temperature for my grow tent?

Hello, I was hoping maybe someone could help me out. My whole house lacks central a/c so we get by in the summer with window units to cool the home. I plan on growing in a 4x4 tent in the upstairs of my home in an empty bedroom. I currently don’t have an air conditioner to put into the bedroom window so it’s very hot in the bedroom where my tent is placed. I know I need to get an air conditioner for the bedroom but I am unsure as to what kind. We normally just use the standard window units(window shakers) but I saw a thread on here about something similar to my situation and you guys wanted to know what kind of air conditioner was the person using. I remember seeing you mention the window shaker, dual duct portable ac, and one other. I was curious if there was a reason as to why you were asking, maybe one benefits the other more? So I just thought I’d ask. I’m still getting my grow setup together so there is no soil or plants or anything like that in my tent. Only my equipment is in there such as my carbon filter, inline fan, lights, 2 small oscillating fans, and pulse one. I just wanted to plug in the pulse to see what the environment was like beforehand in the tent. I’m thinking if I get my bedroom environment under control with a window air conditioner, it would then stabilize the tent environment for when I actually start to grow. Here is what my pulse picked up today, no lights or fans were on, this reading in my tent I think is because of the bedroom environment…

This is a pic of the peak temperature of 90 degrees F, that my pulse picked up today

This last picture is the actual environment in the bedroom where my grow tent is placed, just so you can get an idea of what it’s like in the bedroom.

Another option is you could embrace the high temperatures and make a sealed room, supplement with CO2? 90 is up there already so not sure how feasible that is (I’ve never done that myself).

Alternatively could you vent out the window and draw cooler air from elsewhere in the house?

Aside that don’t see much of a difference if it’s a window AC or a standalone. I like the idea of the whole room being cooled as would buffer fluctuation better (?). If you’re not using the room for anything else then maybe you’d have more choices for AC unit if you don’t care about the floor space it’s taking up…?

That’s a tough environment to handle. You’re gonna need massive intake and exhaust fans hooked up to the tent to even stand a chance. Both of which will most certainly have to vent outside of the room itself unless you also run AC

Just throw a window AC on your window. You get the added bonus of a cooler room.

TBH, you might not even need to supplement - indoor CO2 levels get pretty high from all your breathing!