April Pulse Updates - v2.4

April Update - v2.4

Just wanted to give you an update on what we’ve been working on and what’s coming up soon.

We just sold out of the Pulse One grow room monitor, but have another harvest on the way. We’re backordered until around April 8th. As always, if you order sooner, you’ll be first in line to get your shipment.

:computer: App Updates

  • Sped up our database significantly, meaning the app is much faster.

  • Updated our front-end framework, should see some stability and speed improvements.

  • UI tweaks

    • Different icons

    • Renamed “profiles” to “templates”

    • Slightly nice blue color used

  • Different interface for updating your device settings.

  • Selection of different date & time formats (dd-mm-yy vs mm-dd-yy, ampm vs 24hr).

  • Interface improvements for calibration & VPD offset.

  • Timezone selection simplified.

  • More info added to tooltips on dashboard (signal strength & battery voltage).

:iphone: Native App Updates

  • Native iOS app launched: get it on the App Store.

    • Make sure to turn on your push notifications in your account settings.

    • FYI: we also have a native android app.

  • Native app navigation works better. Before, pressing back would always close the app.

  • Native push notifications made more reliable. There are reports of some users still having issues. If you are too make sure to reach, so we can address them!

:gear: Firmware Updates

  • Battery life significantly improved.

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Firmware fix for bad clocks on devices leading to devices not logging data.

:date: Coming Soon

  • Multi user support: you’ll be able to invite someone to your grow.

  • Better drag & drop on the dashboard.

  • Journal improvements.

  • Bluetooth blinkup.

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Does this mean you’ll. Be able to operate over a Bluetooth networks aswell with no added cost to the user? Can’t wait for the multi user support!

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The Bluetooth blinkup means you won’t have to do the flashing lights thing to connect your device.

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Oh ok :+1:thank you peet