Android Native App Feedback

Thread for Android Native App testers to report bugs, etc.

Device: Galaxy S9+
Android 9 Pie

So far it has been pretty stable for me. I had one incident where in rotating my screen Pulse app had locked up and crashed. I haven’t been able to reproduce it though.

Can you add a swipe down refresh similar to the webapp version? And maybe a swipe left/right to switch Pulses while looking at the graphs.

Can you add an option to toggle enabling graphing the VPD target along with the current VPD on the graph?

This is more of a feature request; I’m looking for an easier way to track grow measurements in the Pulse app. Mainly to record, trend, and traph these TDS/EC of nutrient in, EC of runoff, PH of nutrients, etc… etc… With some of the other parameters already collected by Pulse, IE Temp, Humidity, VPD…

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So far I like the app much better when it is responsive. Much more fluid than the site.

I’m getting frequent neverending loads however the first time I open the app. I have to open it two or 3 times to fully load up. Just spinning loaders.

Added two screenshots but it is not important the page it just seems the first or second loads of the app only partially load the page.

OnePlus 7 Pro
Android 10


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Also, when the app loads correctly. The graph loads like this more than a few times:

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Right now I have an Error fetching devices and the sensor isn’t listed. Maybe your dev is working on it. But now you know :blush:

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Error fetching devices alot now and hung loads. I have to kill the app. Also it’s asking me to login more frequently…

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I think i might know what some of these issues are caused by…

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Good to know were getting updates on the beta?

Also I found the vpd leaf temp slider to be awfully unfriendly. A regular text box with a value would be easier than fighting a slider on a -20 to +20 scaling looking for -2 hahah

Good point :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah - just remembered why we did things this way. Some mobile phone keyboards do not provide a negative sign for input of numbers. Made it impossible for certain users to enter a negative offset.

@Walker i was having thse same issues when you reported them, but recently haven’t been able to re-create them. How have things been going for you?

lots of good stuff here, will def take some of this into consideration.

Can you tighten up the range from 40 to like 5… :slight_smile: or change the slider from numeric to text and the keyboard will work better.

Native apps updated. Please update your installed version. The update deals with deep linking (seems like it’s not quite all the way there yet), and blinkup.

Should be live!