Amnesia haze auto with long internodes


Lawrens again, sorry if my questions sound basic…

My amnesia haze auto is stretching a lot, I’m a little worried because soon it will reach the LED light (Lumatek ATTIS 200W)… The other 3 autos (AK, royal dwarf and royal jack) are rather small compared to the haze.

I will have no choice but raise the LED panel, but what about the other 3 ?
They will be rather far from the light…
I’m at 80% power right now, maybe I should set it at 100% ?

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24" above the canopy is a good place for led lights. How many watts is that light actually pulling from the wall? Is that a 3x3 tent? You will need a minimum of @ 400w (true wattage) for a good flower cycle. Grab a wattage meter from home cheapo and crank your light to 100%

She’s telling you she needs more sunshine.

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If your canopy is uneven, look into “super cropping” or “low stress training”

Ok so I will up the led light and crank it up to 100%.
But the other 3 plants are small compared to this one, so the distance from the led light will be more important for them… hope it will be ok.

My other concern with her is that lateral branches are spreading above the others lol… I did some LST at the beginning, but for some reason I must have missed something (though LST is going ok with the other 3).

It’s a small tent, 80x80x180 cm.

I did some LST with her, but I must have missed something.
LST went well with the other 3 autos though (royal dwarf, AK and royal jack).

I’ve read that LST must be stopped when flowering, because that could stress the plant.
I’m scared to cut it also !

“I’ve read that LST must be stopped when flowering, because that could stress the plant.”
There is no need to stop LST in flower. Supercropping (bending plant stems) is very common in flower and it helps solve the exact problem that you have.

"I’m scared to cut it also !”
Are you talking about “defoliation”? That’s part of growing plants. Some growers defoliate heavily, others argue that you should only remove leaves that block air flow or that are blocking light. I typically “clean up” the foliage that isn’t receiving much light because it can’t contribute to photosynthesis. My threshold for that is < 200 µm.

As much as this is a handy forum for discussion issues with the Pulse, I would recommend that you look at other fora that have a much larger membership. I regularly read 3 other sites that, between them, havens of thousands of members. They’re an excellent source. Also, sites like, and have step by step tutorials on growing cannabis.

Do you mean that supercropping and defoliation are ok on autos ?

Thank you for the links, I will not bother you anymore.

I missed it that you’re growing autos. Moi aussi.

"Do you mean that supercropping and defoliation are ok on autos ?”
As much as those techniques are OK in photos.

"Thank you for the links, I will not bother you anymore.”
I didn’t mean to imply that you were bothering me, not at all. My reason for recommending other fora is that you’ll get feedback from a lot of growers, some with decades of experience and some who are experts. :slight_smile: (experience # expertise) I’ve found it very helpful to read the comments of growers and you soon learn to spot growers who have expertise.

One forum I read almost daily is and they have a forum “Autoflower Myth Busters”. It deals with a lot of the beliefs about autos vs photos.

If it was me. I’d choose the height I want it at. Grab the main stalk. Squeeze it hard as u can then bend it over 90 deg and support it with a stake and tie. Then you can leave you light at a good height for all canopy. That 1 will heal and recover. Hopefully some1 else will agree…

Not with autos, you can cause too much and stunt progress.
Autos typically are 36” above soil with good genetics. This seems to be from what OP mentioned is a “haze” auto hybrid meaning it was breed from a sativa dominant strain that likes to get big. Auto hybrids should really be picked from an indica dominant strain so they can stay smaller.
OP is stuck and the best thing to do is get a lot of light in there and hope for the best. Like I said a little 200w amazon wattage light isn’t enough.

I wish I knew this autoflower forum before… thank you for the link.

I LST’ed her today, not as hard as you suggest, but enough to reduce it’s height.

Lesson learned !

Glad that you found it! There are probably some photo growers on that site but, overall, it’s pretty much all about autos.

One comment about the comment about super cropping - I’ve never tried crushing the portion of the plant stem that I want to bend. That may work out well but I’d be concerned that I might do too much damage to the plant.

The grower’s guides that I’ve read recommend , and the technique that I used successfully, weakening the stem by applying pressure with your thumb and forefinger to the portion of the stem that you want to bend and then repeatedly rubbing that area of the stem between your fingers until it becomes flexible.

Chacun a son gout.

There are so much informations on that site… thanks again !

By the way, are you french ?

I took French in grammar school through O level, taught by a Francophile Geordie. His English sounded almost Scottish but he taught us Parisian French. Then I went to college in Canadian Maratimes —that was an eye opener!

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