Alerts are turning off when refreshing app

After setting up my profile, I have enabled certain alerts and saved the profile to a new name. Upon refreshing the profile my enabled alerts turn off. Re-enabling the alerts turns the profile to an un-named profile.image

I think the fix here would be saving the changes to the profile from the device page.

The “profile” is a template of settings, i believe in this case the profile has those alerts turned off. When you make a modification, the device is no longer on the existing profile, since the settings are different between the device and the profile (device has alerts on, profile has alerts off). That’s why it becomes an unnamed profile.

I’ll get something that lets you save the changes to the profile if you modify the device. The reason this doesn’t always happen is if you have multiple devices on the same profile - you might not want to modify all of them.

Your suggested approach does not work. I’m not using a ore made profile and then trying to save over it. Even if I make a profile, when I update/change my settings it still resets everything. The work around is to just leave an unassigned profile up and change it as if it is live. Bummed, saved profiles would be nice.

Are you updating the profile from the device page, or from the profile page?