Ability to add a Marker (vertical line) to the graph with a note attached

I think it’d be quite useful to be able to add a marker to the graph in which one could attach a note, for the purpose of marking the time in which a piece of equipment was added, removed, or settings changed, so you could easily see its impact to the environment. Perhaps the Note could be viewed by clicking on the Marker perhaps.
Or better yet, when making an entry in the Journal & if Environment is selected, have an extra check box to display the time & date on the graph?
I only suggest it because I experiment with different settings on the environmental controllers to see how variables are affected & it’d be much easier to use a marker to track what kind of changes occur.

Good call, we’ve considered something like this before, and our charting library supports it to some extent, but it would be a fair amount of work. If we get a few more votes we might bump it up in priority!

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