[5.4] Weekly CSV Exports and free guest invites

Hello! Happy to provide information on the latest updates.

New stuff in [5.4]
Users on a Hobbyist plan can now export a csv report once per week.
Users on a Hobbyist plan can now invite one guest user to their grow free of charge, while Enthusiast users can invite 3 guest users per themselves( grow owner) and each additional paid user in the grow.

Short reminder on how to do a CSV export on a Hobbyist plan

  1. Open a device details page and click Export Data
  2. In the dialog that appears click the export button. The button will be disabled if you have exported data withing the last 7 days.

Short reminder on how to Invite users to your grow

  1. Open your grow settings
  2. Under the Invitations section type the email you would like to invite.
  3. If you are on a enthusiast plan you will be offered to choose the role of the invited user (a free guest or billed Admin).
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I’m a Hobbyist grower - thank you for adding the ability to export the data.


I still don’t have this feature available. My only option is to upgrade when I try to export.

Hi there! Thats a bit strange and I’ll be more than happy to look into this.

Have you updated the app recently?

Also Could you dm me your email so i could check ?

Are you exporting from the chart screen?